Welcome!  It’s a blog.  Another one.

This time, however, it’s written by me.  Finally.  I know you have all been waiting with bated breath.  I always have the same conversation with myself on whether the “i” is included in bated or not.  Ahhh, here we are Is it baited or bated?

Great, grammar lesson is over for the evening.

So “Sonuva…” is the place I get to expound upon what podcast my friends and I should have, whether being a new business owner is terrific or terrible, and the highlights of my journey with my Bullet Journal.

Sonuva is the start of most of my exclamatory sentences these days.  I sometimes end it with “bee sting” or “motherless goat”.  It depends, really, on how bad I’ve screwed something up.  I have been known to pull out all the stops with the word “bitch” on occasion as well.  (Who am I kidding, that’s the one I use the most.)

That’s it for now.  I need to take my ADD ass back to figuring out how to do this Rapid Logging thing in my Bullet Journal which will bring me into organizational clarity and peaceful existence with my brain.